Should we be parenting like the germans?

“I am going to bring bikini tops,” said my boyfriend nervously, “because I know you and your sister won’t have packed any.” Of course we hadn’t: neither of us had really worn a proper bikini in years, particularly if we weren’t on a public beach.

Read this before you give your kid his or her first smartphone

While it might not bring parents as much joy as a first step or first word, the right time to introduce kids to a smartphone is an important moment. Smartphones have become the most important piece of technology we own, connecting us with friends, keeping us updated on the world around us, and letting us capture our biggest moments.

Parenting: Is your child safe on internet?

Mutesi’s 10-year-old son is tech savvy and can effectively operate a smart phone. He can navigate different apps on the internet with ease. In a world where technology is fast becoming a way of life, the mother of two also bought a laptop for his children to use whenever she is away to keep them busy instead of wandering in the neighborhood.