Why Girls Beat Boys at School and Lose to Them at the Office

As a psychologist who works with teenagers, I hear this concern often from the parents of many of my patients. They routinely remark that their sons do just enough to keep the adults off their backs, while their daughters relentlessly grind, determined to leave no room for error. The girls don’t stop until they’ve polished each assignment to a high shine and rewritten their notes with color-coded precision.

Mental health provision should be non-negotiable

Ireland is experiencing rising rates of emotional distress in children and young people, as well an increase in prescribed medication in order to cope. We need to respond to this mental health crisis in a more appropriate and holistic manner for the sake of our children.

USA: Expanding school choice for families

On Tuesday, Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Tim Scott introduced the Choice Act. They say it would create a federal savings plan to provide military and low-income families, as well as families of students with disabilities, more options for their education.

Let your grown children find their own way

As Michelangelo said of his statue David, “David was always inside the block of marble. It just a matter for the sculptor to hammer and chisel away the pieces that didn’t belong.” Life’s setbacks and sufferings help us to identify and embrace what is most important to us. To separate the valuable from the meaningless. To find our own way. Why would we want any less for our children?.