4 ways working dads can make more time for family

According to The Boston College Center for Work and Family, one of the few organizations focusing on the changing role dads play both at home and in the workplace, the answer is a resounding yes. It recently found that fathers may experience as much or more work-family conflict than their female counterparts.

All parenting is hard — Don’t compare yourself with others

I have a deep desire to connect with other moms — share in struggles and joys, laugh together through the tears over the absurdity of it all. I work hard to create that village that everyone is saying no longer exists. Instead, though, this never-ending motherhood contest that society has forced us into means that my friends don’t feel their struggles are worthy of sharing with me. They don’t have more than one kid, they don’t have twins, they don’t, they don’t, they don’t… They belittle their legitimate struggles and heartaches because they somehow feel it isn’t enough to be worked up over.

Timeouts for everyone

Use positive reinforcement. When your children behave appropriately, Dr. Carroll said to praise them for that goodness instead of just punishing them for what’s bad. “It’s more important to reward good behavior than to come down on negative,” Dr. Carroll said.

Prosperous parenting

Being mindful of the fact that no one is perfect – neither the parent nor the child – will help both in fine tuning their great expectations as the times roll on. But that doesn’t mean we shall not work towards that goal.