Best communities in Canada for families 2019

When Jonathan Wadham was searching for a place to raise his family, a city with excellent public schools and well-paying jobs topped his list. Burlington, Ont., a city of about 260,000 west of Toronto, offered all that plus a strong sense of community.

Focussing on the critical years of a child’s life

The draft National Education Policy starts its opening sentence with a hitherto little-known fact: “The learning process for a child commences immediately at birth.” Many believe that children start learning only in school. It is true that language and numerical proficiency, and analytical skills, are attained in school, but the foundation for such a learning capacity is laid much earlier, and it happens without our knowledge.

Marriage and divorce rates down in 2018

The general marriage rate for males was 43.3 marriages per thousand unmarried males aged 15 to 49 years in 2018, down from 45.7 in 2017, Singstat added. Similarly for females, the 2018 rate was 40.8 marriages per thousand unmarried females aged 15 to 49 years, down from 42.8 over the same period.

It’s Time To Stop Parenting At Work

If you are a manager and this story resonates with you, then Dr. Eric Berne’s theory should help. According to his transactional analysis concept, all people at different times and under different circumstances play one of three roles: a parent, a child or an adult. Switching from one role to another is actually quite easy. Ironically, we seem to be constantly stuck in the same role.

Stop blaming our parenting

This past week, the middle class parents of Australia would be excused for feeling besieged. And I only mention the “class”, because it has been specified in claims by two prominent voices that people in it are destroying our own children.