There is a significant gap in parenting support

When a woman is pregnant, or has a newborn, a toddler or a preschooler, the amount of information and advice on offer is completely overwhelming. You can’t avoid conversations around breastfeeding, starting solids, sleep training, choosing daycare, developmental milestones, toddler tantrums, starting school and more. 

How COVID-19 is changing families

The terrible human toll of COVID-19 notwithstanding, quarantine has been a very good thing for the kids media industry. Ratings are up, viewership is spiking, and co-viewing has never been stronger. Of course, this good news is offset by a decline in advertising revenues.

Equal Parenting: It’s not only about sharing baby care responsibilities

A newborn is one of life’s greatest joys. The emotions that come along with a newborn are often felt more deeply than any other feelings we humans are capable of having. On the other hand, it is also true that there’s no way to mentally prepare for this adventure as parents, together. Especially for first time parents, the initial journey is a complete rollercoaster ride. 

Demographic Trends for the 50-and-Older Work Force

Our earlier update on demographic trends in employment included a chart illustrating the growth (or shrinkage) in six age cohorts since the turn of the century. In this commentary, we’ll zoom in on the age 50 and older Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR).