The Damage of Dad-Shaming

Two years ago, a national poll of parents showed that many mothers were very aware of being criticized for the parenting decisions, small and large, that make up daily life with children.

Parenting; finding the balance

I recently walked into a mother and her 16-year-old daughter in a heated exchange, the young girl was distraught and her eyes swollen from hours of crying. I immediately pulled her to the side to find out what was going on and she said her mother had embarrassed her among her friends. I probed further to know how this had happened.

Domestic abuse: Police tell schools about children affected

Gwent Police is telling schools before 09:00 if pupils have been affected by abuse in the home in the previous 24 hours. It responded to 1,119 reports in the three-month period from March to June. In one case, a school was told that a child was at home during nine separate incidents of domestic violence.