Healthy families: Replacing bad habits with good ones

Trying to stop a bad habit can take a lot of effort. The thing you try to “fight” or push away, can easily become the focus of your mind. The more you try to stop thinking of chocolate, the more you can obsess about it. From a psychological perspective, it is always easier to start a new habit rather than stop an old one.

The continuing importance of the family

Child-development experts agree that almost any family, however imperfect, is better than none at all. It does not even have to last for ever, only long enough to provide a safe and warm space for those crucial early years. That is just as well, because today’s families are very different from those of a few decades ago.

«Para muchos es su primera carta»

La tradición no está reñida con la tecnología. En la web del Departamento de Envíos Extraordinarios de Correos también se puede escribir una carta 2.0. Una vez enviada, reciben un código. Una herramienta digital, el Iluscopio, permite hacer un seguimiento de la ruta de la misiva.