Splitting up families on flights a risk to air safety

Ryanair’s policy means children under 12 must sit beside an adult on the same booking, but millions of families without young children, as well as friends and loved ones, routinely find themselves split up because they’d rather not pay extra (between £4 and £15 per person per flight) to reserve a seat.

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LXXXVIII Encuentro The Family Watch

LXXXVIII Encuentro TFW. El Centro de Acompañamiento Familia de la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria es una entidad especializada en ayudar a los estudiantes de esta facultad y a sus familias con el objetivo de mejor su calidad de vida.

We must strengthen families

Financial needs are stressing families, rates of marriage are decreasing and more families outsource child rearing to third parties. Families are becoming more fragile, and increasingly our institutions carry the burden.