The power of true love: Chinese man wakes up from a five-year coma after his devoted wife nursed him more than 20 hours a day every day

A husband in China has regained his conscious from a five-year coma after his partner nursed him devotedly more than 20 hours a day for nearly 2,000 days. Li Zhihua, from Xiangyang in Hubei Province, sustained serious brain injuries in a traffic accident in 2013. His wife became his sole carer afterwards and she slept only two to three hours a day in order to clean, feed and talk to him.

Marriage and divorce rates down in 2018

The general marriage rate for males was 43.3 marriages per thousand unmarried males aged 15 to 49 years in 2018, down from 45.7 in 2017, Singstat added. Similarly for females, the 2018 rate was 40.8 marriages per thousand unmarried females aged 15 to 49 years, down from 42.8 over the same period.

Marital Compatibility: What Couples Get Wrong About Marriage

Emily Cowen, a musical artist I enjoy sings, “Even though we just met, these feelings are so beautiful, you and me were meant to be together.” And that is where “love” songs get love wrong. You’ve just met, the feelings are beautiful so, goodness gracious, you must be meant to be together.