What Everyone Can Learn From Parents of Big Families

As the parents of four children under 12, we were already used to being outnumbered. Yet four kids still put us in the relatively normal category. On Nanno, an on-demand babysitting app that launched nationally in 2018, the number-of-kids screen maxes out at four.

Do You Really ‘See’ Your Child?

Take a moment and fast forward in your mind to a day in the future when your child, now an adult, looks back and talks about whether she felt truly seen and embraced by you. Maybe she’s talking to a spouse, a friend or a therapist — someone with whom she can be totally, brutally honest.

How has parenting changed over the past 10 years?

At the beginning of this decade I was a married, working mother with three children under seven. Today, at 51, I’m a married, working mum with four children aged eight to 17. I wrote my first weekly parenting column in a national newspaper in 2009, so I’ve charted the changing parenting trends both as a curious observer and as an enthusiastic participant.